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Teeth/Tooth Gaping Treatment

Gap in the teeth - a major aesthetic concern for a patient.
Nowadays, people are more concerned about their looks and smile. Gaps in between the teeth are causing a hurdle in their confidence.

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Midline Diastema
One of the most common malocclusions. In this case, there is a space in between the maxillary central incisors (upper front teeth).

Why there is a teeth gap?
  • Macrognathia - when the lower jaw is larger in size or protruding.
  • Microdontia - when the size of teeth is smaller.
  • Early or delayed shedding of deciduous or milk teeth.
  • Delayed eruption of permanent teeth.
  • Tooth size-arch length discrepancy - when the space available for the teeth to erupt is more as compared to the size of teeth going to erupt.
  • Overgrowth of the tissue which borders gum line, specially in the case of midline Diastema where Frenum creates a space in between the upper front teeth.
  • Thumb sucking or tongue thrusting habit.
  • Presence of peg laterals - when the lateral incisors are small & pointed.
  • Gum disease.
  • Congenital missing teeth

Treatment options available:
1. Filling
It is the cheaper treatment option but it is not a long lasting one. The tooth colored filling is done in between the spaces.
But with this as soon as you apply pressure on it for chewing there are chances of dislodgement of filling.

2. Dental crown/bridge
To close the spaces, the teeth are cut into small size and then the dental crown/bridge is cemented onto it.
Different types of crown like PFM, Zirconia, E-Max are available in the market. The drawback of this option is that the teeth are trimmed to fit the crown.
3. Metal braces
It is the most heard and common treatment about which patient had a pre- conceive notion. Metal brackets are attached to the teeth and then wire is placed into the brackets with the help of rubber bands known as modules.
This wire creates pressure and closes the gap. Every month the wire is changed and the treatment gets completed in minimum 1 year. But in some patients, the brackets hurt the gums and lips.

4. Self - Ligating braces
It is the same as metal braces only with a minor change i.e, the wire is clamped into the brackets without the help of rubber bands. Hence, the brackets wouldn't hurt the lips & gums of the patient as metal braces do.

5. Ceramic braces
It is also the same as metal braces but the brackets & wires are of tooth colored. Hence, it wouldn't give a metallic type of smile to the patient. The only drawback is that they are more likely to break.

6. Aligners
This option is nowadays very popular among youngsters. It is a solution to No Brackets, No Wires and No gums tear.
The customized transparent special trays are made which a patient has to wear and change it after 10-15 days. The advantage of it is that it can be removed by the patient anytime and it is transparent so no one can judge that you are going under orthodontic treatment.

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