Lost Tooth Treatments in Dilshad Garden Dental Crown, Dental Implant & Dentures

The most important question arises in your mind, when a tooth is lost then what to do?
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Today in an era of technology, we have many options available for replacing a missing tooth, like:

  • Dental Crown
The existing adjacent teeth of the missing ones are considered for taking the support. The adjacent teeth are trimmed and then space is created to place a series of crown known as dental bridge. It's a painless procedure with no surgical aspect. Nowadays, different options of dental crown like PFM, Zirconia and E-Max crown are available which gives the exact appearance like your natural tooth.

  • Dental Implant  
This is a very common and reliable method used in recent times for replacing a missing tooth.  The metal screw is inserted in the bone at the place of missing tooth and then after osseointegration, crown is placed over it. The adjacent tooth is not touched and it gives the exact look & feel like a natural tooth. The metal screw acts as a root and give support to the dental crown. It can be given at the place of single missing tooth or  multiple missing teeth. In the case of multiple missing teeth, 2-3 implant screws are inserted in the bone followed by dental bridge.

  • Removable Partial Dentures (RPD)
This is a removable prosthesis which takes the support from the adjacent teeth & bone. The plate of acrylic is made in which artificial teeth are placed. This can be removed by the patient at their home also. But it is uncomfortable and didn't allow the patient to chew properly.

In the case of loss of all the natural permanent teeth, the patient can go for:
(1) Full mouth Dental Implants
According to the availability of bone, the dental implants are placed in both the arches followed by dental bridge. It is a  surgical procedure but allows the patient to have a feel like his/her natural teeth.

(2) Dentures
It is one of the oldest method of replacing the missing teeth which is followed nowadays also. The acrylic plate is made and then artificial teeth are inserted into it . In both the arches, the patient has to keep the denture plate in his/her mouth to get a habit of it. No surgical aspect is there but it requires lot of patience from the patient's side to get used to of denture.

(3) Implant supported dentures
After inserting the dental implants in the bone, the Dentures can also be fitted onto it. It stabilizes your denture and makes your denture fixed in your oral cavity.

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Article Compile By: Dr. Neha Bansal
DENT-O-CARE, Dental Clinic, Dilshad Garden, Delhi