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Best Dietitian in Rajouri Garden

Weight loss Clinic in Rajouri Garden

Dt. Shikha Mahajan

Diploma in Diet & Nutrition

Dietitian In Rajouri Garden.
Nutritionist In Rajouri Garden.



    • Weight Management
    • Weight Loss treatment in Rajouri Garden
    • Weight Gain treatment in Rajouri Garden
    • Weight Maintenance treatment in Rajouri Garden.
    • Diet for Pre & Post Pregnancy,
    • Diet for Thyroid,
    • Diet for PCOS,
    • Diet for Cholesterol,
    • Diet for Hypertension,
    • Diet for Diabetes,
    • Pregnancy & Lactation Diet,
    • Body Building & Sports Nutrition Diet and all therapeutic diets.

Diet Podium By Shikha Mahajan

F-137, Second Floor, Block J, Rajouri Garden Extension, Rajouri Garden, Delhi 110027
Phone No. : Click Here 917 views
Morning - Evening
10:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Best Dietitian in Rajouri Garden For Weight Loss

Shikha Mahajan is an expert and Certified Nutritionist, dietician and Metabolism Specialist with experience of assessing individuals and their nutritional needs.

She uses her abilities in Nutrition and Holistic Therapies to help people improve their connection with food and discover how to eat intuitively, so they can focus on nourishing their bodies without the necessary to count each calorie. She has proved herself as the best dietician in Delhi by promoting insight into a personalized balanced diet that is going to balance your lifestyle. “You are what you eat! Yes, to be fit and healthy you require eating great food.

Dt Shikha Mahajan firmly believes that the integrated health model will be the most flourishing in the future. Her philosophy is that a healthy diet is not about staying thin, severe diet plans or depriving oneself of their nutritional requirements. Instead, it is about optimum health, healthy weight, and mental wellbeing.

Additional Info

  • Shikha Mahajan is a trusted dietician in rajouri garden, Delhi / Nutritionist, Certified Metabolism Specialist, and an Intuitive Eating Counselor, with a private virtual practice.
  • An alumni of Lady Shri Ram College, she decided to switch her career and move into Nutrition and Health. Starting with her own freelance practice as a best dietician in Delhi, she strives to provide an effortless solution by providing personalized diet customized for individual goals, tastes, preferred cuisine.