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Dietitian in Model Town, Delhi

Dietician in Model Town


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Lose Weight with Model Town's Most Trusted Dietician - Reema Madhian


    • Fast Track Weight Loss Program
    • Optimal weight loss program
    • Overweight Kids Nutrition Program
    • Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Program
    • Post Menopausal Weight Loss Program
    • Initial Nutrition Assessment
    • Family Nutrition Counselling
    • Personal Nutrition Counseling
    • Sports Nutrition Program
    • PCOS Health Program
    • Sustainable Weight Management
    • Diabetic Diet Management Program
    • Therapeutic Diets For Specific Medical Concerns
    • Pre Wedding Program For To Be Brides & Bridegroom.


A-6/4, Rana Pratap Bagh, Near Model Town, Delhi, 110007
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Best Diet Clinic in Model Town, Delhi

REEMA'S DIET AND WELLNESS CLINIC A Online Diet Clinic in Model Town offers some of the significant services that one can enjoy from an online dietician include the following:

WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM: These programs are for people who wish to reduce their excess weight. From post-pregnancy weight loss to weight loss for overweight children and women suffering from PCOS, these programs are great if one wants to lose weight without indulging in crash diets or unhealthy workouts.

NUTRITIONAL COUNSELLING: In this service, the nutritionist in Model Town offers an initial nutritional assessment, followed by family nutritional counselling, a nutrition program specially designed for people who play different types of sports, and a complete health program for PCOS patients.

DIET MANAGEMENT: Various diet management programs, including ones for specific dietary needs, diabetic patients, therapeutic diets for specific medical concerns, and a pre-wedding diet explicitly created for brides and bridegrooms.

There are specific nutrition and diet plans available for pregnant women, and those who wish to gain weight, instead of losing it.

By consulting an online dietitian in around the vicinity of Model Town, North Delhi one can assure that nutritional status will be maintained.

Furthermore, a dietitian will also help to maintain a robust immunity system whilst indulging in nutrient and mineral-rich food.

Additionally, consulting an online dietician does not require unnecessarily going out of home, especially during the current covid times.

An online dietitian will help achieve optimal nutrition and dietary intake, which will build resilience towards COVID-19 and other diseases.

A balanced diet consulted by the dietician will also promote a robust immune system that can help fight the viruses.

In addition to providing the best weight gain/loss diet plan in Model Town, along with other services, we as an online dietitian and nutritionist also remain concerned about our patient’s health at all times.

You follow a comprehensive yet reliable and straightforward approach to health management.

Without making you feel deprived of food, we help to develop a healthy relationship with food and body.

Furthermore, we also create simple guidelines and diet plans customized to food preferences, allergies (if any), and your body type.

If one is suffering from ailments like thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and nutrition plans, it is also customized accordingly, right from home’s comfort.

With the new set of challenges imposed by COVID-19, an individual’s emotional, mental and physical health has changed, leading to an increase in obesity and other health-related ailments.

Consult us we as an online dietician to curb the sleeping habits, lack of physical activity, eating patterns and get the best diet for weight loss. It will ensure that one is encouraged to eat healthily and adapt to a more fit lifestyle.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

What is the best thing to eat pre workout?

Pre workout- have a fruit like Apple or a banana or have a glass of vegetable juice or have a handful of nuts and seeds

Is egg yolk fattening?

A whole egg is full of various nutrients while the white portion is full of source of protein. The rest of the nutrients are present in the Yolk. The egg yolk is rich in iron, Vitamin B2 B12 and D and cholesterol which are Missing from egg whites. If you eat only egg whites, you are missing out on other nutrients. It is a nutrient dense food and not fattening at all as far as one cooks the egg in a healthy way

Hi ma'am does banana make you gain weight?

Banana is a nutrient dense fruit with good amount of potassium vitamin B6, vitamin C, Magnesium, protein and carbs which helps in regulating our sugar levels and since it's very filling, it actually helps in weight loss