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Best Dietitian in indirapuram

Dietician in indirapuram

Dt. Arti Kalra

Diploma in Dietitian and Nutrition

Online Weight Loss Consultation in indirapuram.
Online Inch Loss Consultation in indirapuram.


    • Weight Loss
    • Child Nutrition
    • Skin Care
    • Hair Care
    • Muscle Building
    • Thyroid
    • BP
    • PCOD
    • Arthritis
    • Diabetes
    • Cholesterol
    • Fatty Liver
    • Weight gain
    • Pre and Post Pregnancy

(1) Dt. Arti kalra diet clinic - Indirapuram

Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

Sunday : Only on request
Note: Pls Call & Book your appointment before visit
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Best Diet Clinic in indirapuram

Dietitian Arti Kalra is a Certified Dietician and Nutritionist in Indirapuram. Arti offers variety of health and wellness programs by focusing on fitness and lifestyle improvement. Her holistic approach towards nutrition, weight and health management is highly result oriented.
She is a synonym of Inch Loss Specialist and running her own clinic in indirapuram & Noida Sector 18. She has established her position as the best dietician for weight loss in indirapuram and Noida.

She can help you to get your body in perfect shape and look younger with her most recognized detox weight loss program & balanced diet plans.
As an expert in nutrition, she provides customized diet plans by thorough and mindful discussion along with counseling. Diet plans are designed by considering age, weight, medical history, working environment, food preference and other important aspects. She also makes you understand about healthy eating and benefits of positive food choices.

Natural Sweetner For Fat Loss - By Dt. Arti Kalra

•Do you have sweet cravings?
•Does your weight bounce back?
•Are you struggling hard & not getting results?
•Do you find it too hard to follow a diet plan?
•Do you want to look fit and get people’s attention?
•Do you have a medical problem & you don’t know what to eat?

Seeing a right dietitian can help you to meet your goals and transform your life.

Many people do not get time to follow a healthy diet because of their busy and hectic lifestyle. Arti's specialized ONLINE diet programs resolves this problem by understanding your lifestyle and designing a customized diet which can give you the best results.
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(2) Dt. Arti kalra diet clinic - Noida

Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, 201301
Note: Sunday : Only on request
• Pls Call & Book your appointment before visit.
Phone No. : Click Here 82 views
Morning - Afternoon
10:00 AM - 05:30 PM

Online Diet Consultation


Dietitian Arti is one of Noida’s most trusted Dietician and fitness consultant. She is fitness freak and specializes in Weight Management, Thyroid, PCOD, Child Nutrition, Arthritis, Diabetes, Skin and Hair care programs.

While describing the importance of Nutrition and Fitness in our life, Dietitian Arti Kalra states that its necessary to understand basics of nutrition so that one can live a healthy lifestyle. Daily physical activity also plays a vital role in our day to day life. We should use technology to improve our productivity but at the same time we should not become its slave.

Arti Kalra is one of India’s well known Dietician. Her expert articles are also featured in leading Indian newspaper for health and wellness.
She offers both personal and online services from Noida and Indirapuram.

Best Cooking Oil For Health & Weight Loss - Dt. Arti Kalra

Arti belives in slow and steady results by following holistic approach towards nutrition. She is absolutely against starvation and unhealthy diet plans.

Arti provides personalized diet plans and detox plans which improves body metabolism and does not require starvation or portion control. We have more then 10000 happy clients from India and Overseas.

In order to start any diet plan its very important to stay motivated.

Arti Kalra, at her "Crazy Weight" diet clinic in Noida personally mentors and inspires her clients about the importance of healthy eating and how to stay motivated.

To get the best results, She also explains the importance of other factors like sleeping hours, daily water intake and physical activity. Its very imporatnt for you to understand basics of nutrition so that once your program gets over, your weight does not bounce back and you remain fit.

Arti is considered as one of the top dietitian and nutritionist in Noida, She has served more then 4000 clients across 15 cities of India thru personal and online program.

She has helped people through various programs like weight management, thyroid, pcod, blood pressure, cholesterol control, diabetes, muscle building, arthritis and acidity. If you are looking for a dietitian, consult Arti Kalra the best dietitian in Noida to step into healthy regimen.