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Best Dietitian in Saket, Delhi

Best Diet Clinic in Saket, Delhi

Dt. Diksha Pahuja

Weight Loss | Lifestyle Consultant | Nutritionist

•Diploma in Dietetics Health and Nutrition.
•Diploma in Weight Loss Management.
•Diploma in Vegan.

Head Nutritionist At Diet Care By Diksha Diet Clinic Saket, Delhi.


    • Weight Management
    • Weight Loss Diet Plans
    • Weight Gain Diet Plans
    • Pregnancy Diet Plans
    • IBS Control Diet
    • Teen Nutrition Diet
    • Diabetes Diet
    • PCOS Control Diets
    • Post-Bariatric Surgery Diet
    • Thyroid Diet
    • Skin, Hair & Nail Diet
    • Gluten Intolerance Diet
    • Lactose Intolerance Diet
    • Vegetarian Diets
    • Vegan Diets

Diet Care by Diksha

J-139, Saket Rd, Block J, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110017.

"Eat wise drop a Size"
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Morning - Evening
10:00 AM - 06:30 PM

Best Nutritionist in Saket for Online Diet Consultation

DietCare By Diksha Dietitian in Saket, Delhi runs by qualified expert and lifestyle consultant Diksha Pahuja.

Her aim is to offer you diet management tips and look forward to giving you a healthier life ahead.

With her range of services like weight loss, weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, hair, skin and nails, to name a few, she strive to achieve the best results for you.

She has Introduced her new Diet Plans, Customized for her clients schedule and considering the weight gained especially during or after the lockdown period.

Dietician Diksha Pahuja has also launched the "Super Detox Herbs" to detox your gut from within.
You can Drink it with hot water and feel the difference.
Contains 100% Pure & Organic Ingredients!

Diksha Pahuja who is rated as one of the best dietitian in Saket nearby vicinity, by her long list of satisfied clients also provides the special diet plans for:

Diabetes is a serious disorder related to the metabolism of the body.
It is basically referred to a health condition in which the body does not process food properly for converting it into energy, we have special diet plans for diabetes patients according to their sugar levels, lifestyle and age at DietCare clinic in saket.

In Sports, athletes needs Nutrition which is well designed that allows active adults and athletes to perform their best in their particular sport.
DietCare provides the right combination of food type, nutrients and fluids to keep sports person's body well-hydrated and functioning at their peak levels in sports.

Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition that affects children and adolescents.
Call the Expert Dietician Diksha to take her kids obesity diet plans and tips on how to Prevent Childhood Obesity.

DietCare by Diksha caters to all age groups diet issues taking care of all the health concerns and food choices.

•Everyday 3 days, New Diet Plan

•No Starvation Diet Plans.

•Taken Care of Medical Conditions

•Regular Weight-Updates Review

•Assured Results

•Easy-to-Make Recipes

•Diet Plans over Whatsapp

•Video-Consultation Every Week.

Dietcare by Diksha, Saket:

•The motto of Diet Care by Diksha is to give you timely guidance to stay slim and healthy with the help of effective diet programmes and diet charts.

•With expert advice and professional guidance, promise to deliver visible results in stipulated time.

•With expert advice and professional guidance, promise to deliver visible results in stipulated time.

Client's Feedback - Dietcare by Diksha, Saket, Delhi.


Academic Qualifications

  • Dietician Diksha has gained expertise in this field and holds Diploma in Dietetics, Health and Nutrition, Diploma in Weight Loss Management and Diploma in Vegan.

Additional Info

  • DietCare by Diksha is the perfect solution for successful weight loss programme and women related problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Does DietCare clinic provides obesity diet plans for kids?

Yes, Dietcare by diksha, saket, delhi do provide the specially designed nutritional diets foods for obese children.

Any possibilties to reverse chronic diseases like Diabetes, PCOS/PCOD by diet?

Yes..!! It is possible to reverse and maintain the diseases (Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOS) with a proper healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

What can I eat for more energy?

Eat a wide variety of foods pair lean proteins carbohydrates and fats together, choose healthy forms of fats and non-starchy Vegetables.