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Best Dietitian in Rohini

Dietician in Rohini, Pitampura

Dt. Muskan Bhatt

Head Nutritionist Diet Clinic In Rohini near Pitampura, Delhi.


    • Healthy Weight Loss Program
    • Weight Management Program
    • Diabetes Management
    • Thyroid Management
    • PCOS / PCOD Cure Program
    • Hormone Regulator Program
    • Woman Special Diet Plans
    • Healthy Pregnancy Diet Plan
    • Healthy Lactation Diet Plan
    • Pre Wedding Plans for Bride and Groom
    • Special Covid Recovery Plans
    • Special Skin and Hair Care Diet Plans

Food Factors By Muskan Bhatt

116, Pocket -1, Sector - 25 Rohini, Delhi -110085.

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Morning - Evening
10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Morning - Evening
04:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Best Diet Clinic in Rohini


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

I am working out and eating healthfully, still unable to loose weight !!

Please check & make sure you are taking the prescribed portion sizes. Little extra food at every meal can add-up & halt your weight loss. Minimum 30 minutes/day physical activity is must.

I am a diabetic, can I eat carbohydrates?

Although carbohydrates raise your blood sugar level, you don't have to eliminate all carbs.. However, you may need to adjust your carbohydrate intake depending on your level of physical activity, weight, and height.

How to stick on meal plan when I Hang out with friends?

Navigating environments that you can’t control—like eating out with friends—is challenging, but We help our customers with the tips on learning how to filter healthy foods from a menu, exploring healthier cocktail options, or brainstorming ideas for non-food-related outings. Also we can control and balance it from the next new day.
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