Care of the discharging ears

1. Avoid moisture in ear :  Plug ear with Vaseline smeared cotton plug during shampoo, head wash, shower or     bathing. Remove these after drying hair with towel.

2. Avoid oil in ear :  It causes fungal infection by preventing evaporation of moisture.

3. Avoid colored ear drops : It makes subsequent examination and evaluation difficult
4. Avoid Scratching ears with ear buds, hair –pin, finger nail, crochet, knitting needle, pencil, pin, toothpick, match stick etc.

5. Avoid feeding the baby or young child in lying down position. Prop him up. The feeds may enter the ear via Eustachian tube (ventilation tube of the ear). Thus bottle feeding should also be avoided in children having discharging ears.

6. If you catch a cold, take prompt treatment. Do not blow the nose during a cold – nasal discharge must not be forced up to the ear Avoid contact with people having cold.

7. Avoid swimming – do not bathe in a river, lake, sea or swimming pool.

8. Avoid air travel during episode of cold.

Posted by - Dr. Ajay Jain 
ENT Specialist in east delhi, I.P Extension.