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Best Dentist in Uttam Nagar, Delhi (Near Me)

Dentist for kids in Uttam Nagar, Delhi

Dr. Rohit Ojha


Certified implantologist
  • Practing Since: 2016
  • Consultation Fees: Rs.200


    • Dental Implants
    • Root Canal Treatment
    • Cosmetic Dental Procedures
    • Teeth Whitening
    • Dental Fillings and Restorations
    • Removable and Fixed Dentures
    • Teeth Veneers
    • Dental Crown
    • Smile Designing
    • Dental Braces and Invisalign
    • Dental and Oral Hygiene
    • Dental and Oral Surgeries
    • Dental Treatment for Children (Child Dentistry).

Crown Multispeciality Dental Clinic

A-12, Gulab Bagh, Nawada, Uttam Nagar, Najafgarh Road, New Delhi - 110059
Phone No. : Click Here 60 views
Morning - Afternoon
10:30 AM - 02:00 PM
05:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Best Dental Clinic in Uttam Nagar, Delhi

Crown Multispeciality Dental Clinic in uttam nagar, delhi invites you to take tour of our online profile. Your oral and dental health are our top priorities, we guide you with the best treatment options for the dental problems you present up with.

We enjoy making your first dental involvement with us very pleasant and keeping up lifetime association with you and with all our patients.
This is our ever expanding family that we're proud of.

We help you take decisions with complete explaination of the procedures and give you the picture of the prognosis in the years to come.

We at Crown dental clinic keep ourselves updated with the latest updates and technologies in dentistry, providing you with much precise and comfortable dental treatment and procedures here at uttam nagar.
It's our pleasure and satisfaction to see you smile with healthy teeth.

Dr Rohit Ojha at Crown Multispeciality Dental Clinic is well known dentist (Dental Surgeon) with 7 yrs of in-clinic experience

If you're looking for a dentist near Uttam Nagar region in Delhi, Crown Multispeciality Dental Clinic is your one-stop solution to all Oral and Dental problems.

Do not hesitate to visit and get rid your dental problems, the expert dental team are here to help you with accurate and best quality dental treatment.

• Dr Ashish Kumar - MDS
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

• Dr Garima Verma - MDS
Orthodontics & Dento-Facial Orthopedics

• Dr. Anisha Sinha - MDS
Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics

• Dr. Navneet - MDS
Prosthodontics & Maxillofacial Prosthetics


Academic Qualifications

  • Dr. Rohit Ojha did his BDS (HONS) from BIDSH, Patna in year 2016.
  • PG Certified Dental Implantologist since 2019.


  • Life Member of IDA since 2016.


Best tooth pain treatment dental clinic in Uttam Nagar, delhi (Dr. Rohit Ojha)

TOOTHACHE Mostly it is difficult to differentiate pain in teeth and gums, as it radiates to the whole jaw. Food stuck in between two teeth can cause pain and discomfort....

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

What will happen at my first visit to your dental clinic?

At your initial visit at our Crown multispeciality dental clinic in uttam nagar, we'll take all of your personal details full medical history or medication then carry out a full check-up assess the condition of your teeth, gums and your general oral hygiene. You will be informed about the problems and extent of the pathology present, and the treatment options available to get a healthy smile.

How can I take care of teeth between my dental check-ups?

Brush your teeth at two times a day, and floss two times a week, properly wash mouth after every meal, use fluoride toothpaste this will help prevent cavities. Avoid foods with a lot of sugar can cause more plaque and possibly cavities.

Are dental X-rays safe?

We are equipped with Digital X-ray system at Crown Multispeciality Dental Clinic in Uttam Nagar. Digital X-rays are safe they do require very low levels of radiation exposure, which makes the risk of potentially harmful effects extremely low.