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Best Dietitian in Defence Colony

Dietician in Defence Colony, Delhi

Dt. Aastha Dhingra

Diploma in dietetics health and nutrition – VLCC.
Certificate course in weight management.
Certificate course in sports nutrition.
Certificate course in pcos.
Certificate course in intermittent fasting.

  • Consultation Fees: Rs.Free


    • Weight Loss Diet Plan
    • Weight Gain Diet Plan
    • PCOS Diet Plan
    • Diabetic Diet Plan
    • Sports Nutrition
    • Customised Diet According to Medical Conditions.

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Defence Colony, Delhi

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Best Nutritionist in Defence Colony

I am Aastha Dhingra. I am a dietician/nutritionist practising in defence colony, delhi, who strongly believes in the art of healing through food and lifestyle.

I also believe that there is nothing you cannot achieve with discipline and hard work, I practice and preach a healthy lifestyle including food habits, mental peace and a well-balanced emotional, physical and mental health.

I do not believe in very strict and unrealistic nutritional practices, Me being a foodie myself, accept that food has a very important role to play in our daily lives and getting what you love to eat is a plus with any health regime that one may follow.

Therefore, I do not eliminate food items in the diet plans and try to offer a variety of meals to your platter.

Being and staying healthy is a lifestyle practice and not a temporary diet/workout that you follow just to lose weight.

Here at Diet Clinic in Defence Colony, Delhi; I guide my clients to achieve their goals by following what they love and stay happy with the change that we introduce.

My goal is to provide happiness and cheer to my clients when they achieve their goals with us.

That is why, your preferences, habits and routines are carefully taken into account while planning diet plans for you.

I deliver personalised diet plans for my clients in and around the vicinity of defence colony, according to their needs, desires, health problems, goals and lifestyle and also manage to inspire and motivate them for the same.

So, are you ready to transform yourself with me?
It will be a chance worth taking and you will thank yourself for investing in your health.
I assure a happier “you” once you start loving and giving yourself more.

How to start?
Give us a call/ WhatsApp/ email and we will get in touch with you. we will have a small consultation and know “you” from AM to PM.

We will then create diet plans for you keeping in account everything that you need to be happy and satisfied while achieving your goals.

Diet charts will be provided weekly and follow ups will be managed every 7-10 days where your progress will be assessed.

Get on this health trip with us. Cannot wait to guide you with all my heart.



Academic Qualifications

  • Dt. Aastha Dhingra has completed her diploma in dietetics health and nutrition from VLCC.
  • She has also done other certified courses in weight management, sports nutrition, pcos and intermittent fasting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Tell us details about the programs you offer?

Consultation according to your routine, personalized diet plan chart will be prepare according to your likes & preferences. Weekly follow-ups, weight progress & difficulties, if any, will be discussed.

What type of foods, do you give in the diet plans?

Craving always lead to cheating so, I believe that every food in diet are good, but moderation is the key to success. And by everything, I mean practically everything.

Which factors are important in weight loss journey?

The results depending on factors such as; how effectively you follow the diet, physical activity in your routine, medical condition attached or no. One may reduce more in inches than in kgs or vice versa, depending on body's tendency.

How much can i lose in a month?

This varies significantly from person to person.The average weight loss that I would say is minimum 4 kgs & maximum has gone upto 7 kgs in a month.