Father of medicine HIPPOCRATES said - Vis Medicatrix Naturae (Nature in place of medicine).
From times immemorial & ages of civilizations we humans have shared a deep bond of oneness towards plant & animals & so we strive for better health for all creatures, animals, plants and our earth.
VETERINARY HOMEOPATHY- Homoeopathy is nature’s most potent yet gentle scientific therapy discovered by an allopathic physician Dr.CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH SAMUEL HAHNEMANN at Germany in 1796. Animals & pets are being treated by Homoeopathic physicians for over 200 years since discovery of Homoeopathy by Dr. Hahnemann himself. Since then there is vast literature on cure of animals marking the efficacy of Homoeopathy in veterinary field combined with Herbalism ( it dates back to the birth of mother nature), when animals had deep ingrained intelligence about herbs & used to cure themselves with herbs in forests .Humans too had such knowledge but now lost due to modernization.
: Homoeopathy is used as preventive/prophylactic for various diseases of animals.
  No. of dogs were given Homoeopathic nosode for kennel cough in seasonal sporadic outbreaks & success rate was 98%.
: Homoeopathy cured no. of cases of parvovirus infection with homoeopathic nosode where results were above 90%.
: It is used for pets to wild animals, from birds to dogs, cats, horses & even wild animals like wolves & tigers.
DAIRY &POULTRY- Even organic farmers depend upon Homeopathy as it leaves no drug residue in meat, milk & eggs as with case of antibiotics.
: Little or no requirement of antibiotics, hormones, or steroids except emergencies.
: Prince Charles of Wales has a complete dedicated farm on Homoeopathy and Herbal medicines for treatment of farm animals.
Homoeopathy acts by stimulating body’s natural disease fighting power so it starts to heal itself rather than masking or suppressing symptoms giving temporarily relief.


: WHO(world health organization) & FAO(Food &agriculture organization) in year 2008 said-85% animals in developed countries use homoeopathy & herbal medicine for large no. of diseases.
: Dr. Hycock a distinguished veterinary surgeon praised Homoeopathy saying- IT CURES MORE ANIMALS THAN ALLOPATHY.
: Dr. Edward Jenner cured Small pox with Cow pox vaccine- A true Homoeopathic cure in nature.

"Over the past 40 years and 17 generations of dogs and cats we are seeing tremendous increases in chronic ill health in our pets that was rare back in the early 1960's. Most of these illnesses revolve around breakdown in our pets' immune system. We are also seeing a record number of behavioral and emotional disorders including alarming and unexplained fears/aggression., as well as difficulty focusing/training and paying attention. How many times have you been puzzled with recurrence of diseases or felt despair in diseases like:
Pemphigus, Lick granuloma, eczema, Skin allergies, mange, parvovirus, distemper, kennel cough, paralysis, viral pappilomma,gangrene,non-healing ulcers, injuries & fractures, proud flesh, arthritis, liver diseases, kidney failures, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, dysentery, digestive problems, itching, Mastitis in Cows & Buffalos, Flea infestation, ear infections repeatedly, Laminitis & colic in horses etc.
The philosophy of Alternatives for Animal Health is that we work with your animal’s innate healing abilities to achieve an optimal state of health. This is best accomplished by the smooth working together of doctor, care giver, and animal. The doctor depends on you, the care giver to carefully watch and report on symptoms. He will use the information you provide to carefully guide the course of homeopathic care for your individual animal.

With the results of my 6 years experience in veterinary Homoeopathy I can say with conviction that homoeopathy & herbal medicine are complete sciences and can cure from coughs to cancers or if timely given in terminal advanced cases gives great relief to sufferings of patient without side-effects in natural way of cure. Being a student of Homoeopathy I feel blessed & chosen one that I now treat, heal & cure pets, animals & plants too with homoeopathy along with herbal medicines in concordance with Dr. Chaudhary’s Pet Clinic & Research Center (vet surgeons) to whom I owe a deep gratitude for their support and open mindedness for having faith in my science & now delightful to be associated Dr. Ashok (Vet surgeon in Gurgaon) and PFA Animal shelter in Gurgaon.
In communion with allopathic medicine Homoeopathy & Herbal medicine has proved to be a wonderful aid in treatment of diseases. Give your pets safer gentle medicines of homoeopathy as good health & care are only offerings we can give in return to our companions for their unconditional love.