Precautions to take during traveling in pregnancy

It is indeed difficult to stay confined to your city for 9 months of pregnancy.

Every couple wants to have a break, move out and get refreshed

So when can one travel in pregnancy?
The safest time is between 14 to 28 weeks or simply between 3-7 months of pregnancy.
Issues in Air Travel during pregnancy

Where can you go for a break?
The destination should be easily accessible by road or plane. There should be adequate health facilities available in case of emergency.

And it should be a destination where you can relax and does not involve lot of physical activity.

How should you travel?
You can travel by road, train or plane.
Avoid bumpy and small roads and the travel by car should not be more than 4-5 hrs.
You can safely travel by plane. Airlines allow you to travel only upto 32 - 34 weeks of pregnancy.
If the plane journey is more than 2 hours , please take small walks in the plane , have adequate water intake and keep moving your legs.

Do you need to consult your obstetrician before making plans?
Yes, please do consult her before any bookings are made. She knows about your pregnancy and the risks associated.
Travel only when she gives a nod.

Do take a break but wisely and enjoy your pregnancy.