Revirgination Surgery

Its a wonderful procedure to enhance the self confidence of a woman. The demand for this procedure is new and is growing day by day. It can reverse the anatomical changes that occur in a woman’s private parts through the passing years of womanhood. The procedure is although simple but the expert services of a deft plastic surgeon are a must for satisfying results.

Revirgination can be done in a woman of any age group to enhance the self esteem and sexual pleasure for both the partners. The procedure can be done as a day care procedure either in local or general anaesthesia depending on the compliance of the patient. The surgery involves narrowing of the opening and passage of vaginal cavity as well as creation of hymen (Hymenoplasty) from the remains of the fringes of hymen. Even the labia majora can be reshaped to give a youthful external appearance to the vagina. Some women may have a large clitoris which can also be trimmed down.

After the surgery the sexual activity has to be restricted for at least 2 to 3 weeks. There is no external scarring visible after sometime.

Article Compiled By:
Dr. Manoj Bansal
MS (General Surgery) Mch (Plastic Surgery).
Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon In Delhi / Ncr.