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Date :  30-Mar-2017

Dr. Manoj Bansal
MS (General Surgery) Mch (Plastic Surgery). Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon in East Delhi. Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon in Vaishali, Ghaziabad (Max Vaishali Hospital).


This simple outpatient procedure is a good alternative for surgical face lift. The procedure involves lifting of sagging facial skin by inserting absorbable threads made of PDS (polydiaoxanone) under the facial skin under local anaesthesia .

The threads have barbs which get engaged in the under surface of skin. When these threads are pulled, they lift the overlying skin giving an immediate youthful look to the face. On the other hand, surgical face lift is a procedure which requires general anaesthesia to be administered to the patient. The scars although hidden in skin creases may be noticeable in some patients. There is also a risk of injury to the nerves of the face.

Downtime after surgical face lift is of minimum two weeks while there is none with thread lift.

The thread lift is very safe and gaining popularity as cheaper, safer and quick procedure.
Author - Dr. Manoj Bansal,  Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon in East Delhi.
Dr. Parul Gupta MDS, Orthodontist, Specialist in BRACES at Gupta Braces & Dental Clinic 9910 257 800


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