Dental Anxiety or Dentophobia

Dental Anxiety or Dentophobia is a type of fear. It is a normal emotional reaction of any individual irrespective of any age group.

It includes the fear of dental procedure, environment, sound of the machine or even Dentist itself.

People with Dentophobia often avoid visiting dentist, which further increases their problem.

Individual may feel increased heart rate, breathlessness, sweating, nausea or trembling.

At times they panic too.
It has been observed that, this can be handled very easily by being role model or even talking the fear out.

Sometimes, finding a way to take your mind off the procedure can help you get through it.

Accompanying a friend or family to the dental clinic, may help in relaxing the individual.

They can listen to their favourite music over the headphones which helps to distract them from the bothering sound of drills.

Taking deep breaths and counting each, lowers the heart rate which further helps in relaxation.

At Dental Solutions, Patel Nagar patient can talk to us about their fears, we are always ready to help.

Article Compiled By:
Dr. Preeti Gaba
B.D.S, M.I.D.A

Dental Solutions
West Patel Nagar, Delhi