Cavities in Children or Calcium Deficiency

Parents need to believe that cavities happen that too in children as young as 1 year olds most cavities cannot be seen by parents hence a dental check up as soon as the 1st tooth erupts is mandatory.

I have seen in my clinical practice where kids front teeth are badly affected by cavities and the parents are in denial mode saying it's just calcium deficiency.

now give me a break.if teeth could show calcium deficiency like this then there is no need for serum calcium tests. why go through all the pain and waste blood on sampling.

Parents these days want the Best for the kids, Best play schools Best schools Best toys Best stimulus to promote brain growth. Imagine the effect on child's psyche when he goes to the best school with a smile that's all brown and black and smells. Why do we let our kids go through all this. And when it can be avoided by a simple dental check up once every 6 months. Treat it as your paediatrician vaccination schedule. It is mandatory.

To sum up your kids dental health :
1. Start brushing as soon as the 1st tooth erupts.
2. No sweets just before bed .
3. If sugar is added to milk brushing at night is compulsory.
4. Dental check up every 6 months to diagnose cavities early.

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Cavities in Children or Calcium Deficiency

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Dr. Bharti Tomar BDS MDS
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