In a recent survey it was concluded that India had more than 37 million diabetics in year 2010 and by the year 2025 almost 25 % of our population will have this disease i.e. every 4th person amongst us will have this dreaded ailment.
So Dear all, giving you some indications about when to think of Diabetes in someone...

If someone is asymptomatic but still,
1) If a person is having BMI>25 i.e. overweight.
2) Physical Inactivity or no exercise.
3) Having first degree relative with diabetes.
4) Is stressed most of the time.
5) Is having High Blood Pressure.
6) Is having High Cholesterol Level.
7) Is having history of Heart disease.

In Women
1) If some has delivered a baby > 4kg
2) A women having ovarian cysts.
3) Frequent Urine infections.

In Children
1) Passing urine frequently.
2) Drinking too much water and more often.
3) Weight loss, weakness.
4) Ravenous appetite.
5) Oral thrush.
6) Severe diaper rash and fungal infections.
7) Sudden onset of bedwetting at night.

 In Adults
1) Increase thirst, urination and appetite with weakness.
2) Unexplained weight loss.
3) Recurrent skin infections i.e. Boils, Ulcers etc.
4) Numbness in hands or feet.
5) Blurring of vision.
6) Sexual dysfunction.

How Homoeopathy can help?
Homoeopathy being a holistic science not only reduces the blood sugar levels but also makes a person more adaptable to fight back the complications due to diabetes. It maintains the normal equilibrium and makes the different body systems to have harmony with each other so that one can cope up well with diabetes. It also controls the peripheral insulin resistance and hence its symptoms.

Few good natural herbs which are clinically proven can be used such as:
1) Cephalandra indica (Bimba) for profuse urination and sugar in urine with great thirst.
2) Gymnema sylvestra (Gurmar) for carbuncles
3) Syzygium jambolanum (Jambu Beej)  to reduce sugar in urine
4) Abroma augusta (Ulatkambal)  for dry mouth with great thirst.
5) Crataegus (Ban sangli) for calcium deposits in arteries.

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