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Dr. Supriya Kabra

Homeopathic Doctor in Indirapuram
Homeopathic Physician in indirapuram


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Practicing Since : 2010

Consultation Fee : Rs. 300/-

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Dr Kabra's Homoeopathy
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Dr Kabra's Homoeopathy
850, Ground Floor, Niti Khand -1, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201014.

Near- ATS Tower, Indirapuram.

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Dr Kabra's Homoeopathy
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Dr. Kabra's Homeopathy centre is located in indirapuram, ghaziabad and managed by Dr. Supriya Kabra.

She did her bechelors degree in homeopathy, BHMS, from National Institute of Homeopathy, Salt Lake, Kolkata in 2010 which is the top homeopathic institute in asia.

She worked in Chitranjan Sewa Sansthan (Kolkata) and Ram Krishana Mission, Kamarpurkar

Dr. Supriya Kabra setteled her clinic Dr Kabra's Homeopathy in Indirapuram to serve the patients with all the experience acquired previously with full passion.

She worked with full compassion and try to provide the best of homeopathic treatment in indirapuram which not only heals the body but also the mind without disturbing the harmony of the body.

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Article Section

kids Psychosomatic Disorders

Behavioural Problems of Children:

Other than teething troubles and general growth milestones some kids troubles their parents with some strange habits,which even after constant nagging hard to leave and they are termed as behavioural problems.
Here comes homoeopathy to your rescue.Most of the kids have thumb sucking,nail biting as very common bad habits which even after trying so hard they get time to indulge in.
I have found habit of biting nails even in adults but after treatment this habit subsides.
So we can try these medicines on adults also with full confidence and success.

BITING NAILS - The most common of all in day to day practice. So common as we have stopped considering it as a bad habit.
It is very unhygenic give many other infections a chance to flourish inside our body.
Antim crude 30 if given for some time will get rid the child of this habit.

BITING LIPS - There are many kids doing this until it bleeds.
Constantly biting and pricking their lips with nails also.
Lips Becomes dry, chapped and this cycle continues. Phytolacca 30 is the medicine which will help a lot.Keep their lips moisturised, have a look in their bowel habits ask them to drink plenty of water.

STAMMERING - Child starts speaking at the age of 2 or 3 and they stumble which is very normal thing and temporary.
But it can be serious handicap if it persist.its preferable to start early treatment for better results.
Stramonium 200 is head remedy for stammering, child exerts itself for a long time to utter a word. Calcarea carb 30 is another remedy which helps child in stammering with heavy tongue.

THUMB SUCKING - Use Natrum mur 1M potency every fortnight to get rid of this habit. Also effective in adults.

TALKATIVENESS - We all enjoy listening to kids ,their chatter but few kids have this habit of talking uselessly, unnecessarily.
We have a very effective medicine named Sticta to be given in 30 potency, after some time you will notice the change.

I have mentioned few selected medicines here which I found really effective.

As we all know Homoeopathic medicines are prescribed according to symptom similarity, prescription may be changed accordingly.

Article Compiled By:
Dr. Supriya Kabra (BHMS)
Homeopathic Doctor in indirapuram

Dr. Kabra's Homeopathy Centre


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is homoeopathy safe to use with allopathic medicines?

Yes one can use homoeopathic medicines along with allopathic medicines as they work on different principles and don't interfere each other actions. But you need to tell your homeopath about medicines you are taking on a regular basis as they may be accountable for your present complaints.

Can homoeopathic medicines be taken by pregnant ladies?

Yes they are totally safe. Not only they help to relieve the discomfort during pregnancy like nausea, morning sickness, gastralgia, and other ailments but also help to facilitate smooth childbirth and regain physical and mental strength after childbirth.

Does homeopathy work for depression and other mental problem?

As homeopathic medicines work on holistic concept they treat you as a both mentally and physically. And they work effectively for depression, anxiety, weak memory in children and adults, and other behavioral problems in kids and that too without any harmful chemicals and steroids.

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kids Psychosomatic Disorders
Dr. Supriya Kabra

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