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 Do  you suffer from bad breath ?

“Bad Breath” is the foul or offensive odour (smell) coming from the oral cavity. The most common cause is retention of food particles on and between the teeth. Although “Bad Breath” may also occur because of dehydration, caries(cavities) in teeth, artificial dentures or smoking but the most common reason is food accumulation.
When I clean my teeth twice everyday why still do I suffer from Bad Breath?
You might be cleaning your teeth twice but are you sure you are doing it effectively.There are areas in your mouth which you are not able to see. So although you might be brushing everyday twice but these areas might not be getting cleaned at all. Whenever you eat something a soft film called as “Plaque” starts accumulating on and in between your teeth. This plaque is nothing but collection of microorganisms. Within 24 hours it starts hardening and gets converted to Tartar or “Calculus”. Now this tartar how much efficiently you brush will not be removed by normal brushing That is why we always suggest you  to brush twice daily so that you are able to clean the plaque before it gets converted into the tartar stage.

 What is the treatment of Bad Breath?

The main cause of bad breadth is accumulation of plaque and tartar. So we need to clean it ,to treat it. This cleaning is done by a procedure called as “Scaling”. This is a 100% painless procedure which can be done in 3-4 sittings with almost no side effects. There can be other medical reasons also for bad breadth for eg: In case of diabetes we have fruity acetone breadth or uremic breadth is present in kidney diseases. These need to be solved in consultation with the general physician.

If I use some mouthwash or change my toothpaste wont it be sufficient to control bad breadth?

We need to remove the cause to solve the problem. If this plaque and tartar continues accumulating this will lead to swelling, redness, bleeding of gums and loosening of teeth.This condition is called as “Pyorrhoea”.So by using mouthwash or changing toothpaste you are just masking your problem or running away from the truth.

What is scaling and how often do we require it?

Scaling is ultrasonic cleaning of teeth. All plaque , tartar and stains get cleaned just by touching the instrument on the deposits. Do not worry as this procedure does not lead to weakening of tooth. In fact it strengthens the tooth support with gums. You must get scaling done once or twice a year.

Remember –Prevention is always better than cure.


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