Back pain is a major concern in an individual’s life. Almost every person in his life time experiences the back pain. The non organic causes predominated with about 70% cases. These includes the bad posture, faulty ergonomics and improper activities. While on another side organic causes like spinal trauma, degenerative diseases of spine, spondylo- arthropathies, spinal deformities or metabolic bone diseases account for major concerns.

The major cause of the back pain in adolescents and adults may be disc prolapsed due to which patient can experience the pain along with radicular symptoms. Tingling sensations and numbness dominates if it is lateral or para central protrusion. The pain radiates along the nerve course which is compressed.
The second common cause is degeneration of spine in which there can be spinal stenosis also. Also, there may or may not be radicular symptoms with tingling sensation and numbness. This problem  is majorly of older age but it can be occur in early ages also.
The spinal infection for example the tubercular spine is also in the categories of major causes. The pars spinal abscess leads to destruction of the spine and other spinal components.
Other than these the pain can be referred from other systems like reproductive systems, alimentary system of neurological systems.
The major symptoms which anyone can experience with back pain are numbness, tingling sensations, radicular pain, vascular changes, referred joint pains, muscle spasms, para spinal tightness, and autonomic changes.
Some conditions can mimic the  back pain or can get worse in presence like diabetes mellitus, thyroidism, paralysis, malnutrition or any other metabolic conditions.

The best way to prevent the back pain is regular exercises. Exercises may include specially back and core strengthening. Along with that regular cardio respiratory exercises like walking, jogging or cycling help. But the exercises should be perform in a supervision of a physical trainer or a physiotherapist. The improper exercise may lead to strain or sprain.

Besides that proper nutrition and balanced diet should be a part of your diet.
Following a good ergonomics at your work place is essential to prevent the back pain. Consult a physiotherapist or occupational therapist for good ergonomics.
If you are facing back pain currently, go to an orthopedicain or a physiotherapist for help. In acute stages, pain killers and muscle relaxants may be necessary.

Do not take medicine on your own.

Correct diagnosis is essential and should be a part of therapy. Physiotherapy may include the hot and cold therapy with supervised exercises and postural care.
Alternative therapies like acupuncture and craniosacral therapies also help to a great extent.
Don’t delay if you are experiencing the back pain. Visit to your physiotherapist today….!


Dr. Sachin Goyal
Consultant Physiotherapist & Cranio-Sacral Therapist.
B.P.T., C.C.S.T., M.I.A.P.
Ex. Physio (I): Bara Hindu Rao Hospital, Delhi.