Bones are the support system of the body & keeping them strong is significant.

Our body reaches peak bone mass at age 30 after which the bone building balance naturally shifts & loss in bone is more than gain.

But don't you worry ,  as  we have few secrets to deal with it like 9  essential nutrients in diet;  Exercises & healthy lifestyle choices.

Let's throw some light on these point in detail.
?Bone health is mostly about Calcium, vitamin D & Proteins in diet.Apart from this other essential nutrients are  vitamin C, Magnesium, Collagen,Iron, Vitamin K2 & phosphorus

?Weight Bearing  exercises as  walking, running, jogging , stair climbing & Strength Training exercises stimulate strength that helps build bones.

?Healthy lifestyle choices as
? Maintaining Normal blood sugar
? Healthy check on weight
? Avoid smoking, caffeine drinks & soda
? Keeping a check on medicines which causes bone loss as steroids,gastritis medicine, medicine used in heart failure & kidney failure.

Some Prevention, few Precautions & you are  healthy.

Article Compiled By:
Dr. Pooja Vohra
Dietitian in East Delhi