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Date :  23-Jan-2018

Dr. Ipshita Johri
MBBS, DDV ( Mumbai ) DPD ( Cardiff University, U.K ) Experience- Associate Dermatologist with Dr. Rekha Sheth- Yuva Skin and Hair clinic, Mumbai. Fellowship and training in Injectables, Botox, Fillers and Lasers. Diploma in Practical Dermatology

Which is the best moisturising cream for winters as my skin is very dry?

To get your skin glowing all along the winters, you can try the Skinfinity Winter WonderSkin therapy.

What is Skinfinity's Winter WonderSkin Therapy ?

1) Normally the human skin sheds out in about 28 days.

2) Aging, harsh weather, Pollution, unhealthy lifestyle etc lead to piling up of dead skin.

3) This dead skin prevents the moisture to get inside your skin, no matter how many types of products you apply.

Skinfinity's WonderSkin therapy Is a deep hydrating and nourishing therapy involving 3 steps.

Step 1: Dead Skin is removed by Microdermabrasion using diamond crystals and vacuum.

Step 2: Cocktail of Hydrating and revitalising ingredients are inculcated into the deeper layers of skin with Mesoporation.

Step 3: Gel therapy soaked in supreme ingredients forms a Moisture Blanket and locks the ingredients to improve skin quality.

Article -
Which is the best moisturising cream for winters as my skin is very dry?
Compiled By -
Dr. Ipshita Johri ( M.B.B.S, DDV )
Diploma in Practical Dermatology
Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, Aesthetic Dermatologist In Noida

SKINFINITY - Skin, Hair & Laser Clinic In Noida, Sector - 39.

Dr. Parul Gupta MDS, Orthodontist, Specialist in BRACES at Gupta Braces & Dental Clinic 9910 257 800


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