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Date :  28-Nov-2017

Dt. Shreya Katyal
Diploma in Diet & Nutrition Dietitian In Rajouri Garden. Nutritionist In Rajouri Garden.

Healthy Foods To Include In Your Diet to Stay Warm During Winter

Winters are coming, the temperature continues to drop down with each passing day and so does our energy level. It’s the time when no one wants to come out of their blanket, feel lazy or start craving for hot and tempting food than the summers.

Winter is the most enjoyable time of the year, but most of the people are unaware of the fact, this season is also good for boosting your immunity level. Our Mother Nature is superb that offers us plenty of food that makes our winters more special and satisfies our taste buds. Here are top food recommendations every person
should follow to keep themselves warm and fit, so, they can enjoy the season.

Sarson Ka Saag Aur Makki Ki Roti: One of the most delectable ways to enjoy winters is to dig into the flavors of Sarson Ka Saag And Makki Ki Roti. It contains all the dietary fiber that your body requires the most this time of the
month. Its rich flavor and mouth-watering taste make anyone fall in love with this dish. Sarson Ka Saag gets cooked and served with hot with Makki Ki Roti topped with white butter, which increases its taste thousand times better and makes it a more healthier option to have during the winter.

Stuffed Roti With White Butter: Paratha the name only reminds you of all its flavors, as it is one of the healthiest and yummiest treats that you can add to your diet. But if you are a weight conscious person and want to watch out
for your weight, so, you can satisfy your craving with stuffed roti than the Parathas. You can have Gobi, Mooli, Paneer or even Bathua or Methi roti tapped with a spoon of white butter or ghee, which fulfills the need of iron
and other vitamins in your body.

Gur/ Shakkar: Nothing can beat the sweetness and delicious flavors of the Gur. It is considered as the Desi Chocolate. It is highly recommended to have a small piece of gur after every meal in the winter, as it is the richest source of fiber and iron that fulfill its deficiency. Even a diabetic patient can have this natural form of sweet, but make sure you limit the quantity as per your dietitian and health expert recommendation. You can even include Gur and Chana in your diet because it is very good for your overall health and improve
your brain power as well.

Moongfali Patti: Moongfali Patti also known as Moongfali Chikki is one of the most loved food items that every one of us adores having in the winter season. The rich flavor of Peanut or Jaggery get mixed into your mouth and take you to another world of happiness. This India Candy is known for not only its crispness, taste or aroma, but also for its health benefits. It contains the benefit of gur and peanuts as well, which full your body requirements of
vitamins, minerals, protein and other nutrients.

Haldi Ka Doodh: Joint pain or a backache is one of the most common problems older people face, which get increase especially in the winter season. Therefore, it is important to have a glass of Haldi Ka Doodh before
you hit the bed, as it will heal all your pain and give your body warmness from the chilling winter.

So, this winter, give yourself a healthy and delicious treat with all aforementioned foods that satisfy your taste buds and keep watch on your health at the same time. Have them in limited quantity and enjoy the winter without sacrificing your health.

Article Topic : Healthy Foods To Include In Your Diet to Stay Warm During Winter
Article Compiled By :
Dt. Shreya Katyal
Diploma in Diet & Nutrition

1-B, Major Sudesh Kumar Marg, 
Rajouri Garden, West Delhi-110027. 
Landmark: Near THE GYM, Rajouri Garden.
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