Introduction to Homeopathy

Homoeopathy is a great way to help especially the children and people of the old age group. The role of this science in treating chronic diseases is remarkable. When a patient, suffering with a disease for a long time and taking lots of crude allopathic drugs finds himself helpless, then only he thinks of trying some alternate therapy. as the allopathic treatment works on the effect the disease is creating, the patient gets partial relief with the symptoms but lands up with the same problem later.

For eg. A patient suffering with chronic eczema or any skin allergy is so much troubled with the constant itching and burning sensation all the time. As a routine allopathic treatment, the patient is prescribed some anti-allergics ( allegra/cetrazine/montair) and lotions. The anti-allergics will subside the itching for a while ( till the time the action of medicine continues) and then the itching starts reoccurring. The lotions will also soothe the skin for sometime but whenever the lotion is not applied the itching troubles again. That is because the treatment is done on the effect i.e itching, but no specific treatment has been given for the cause of itching.

In homoeopathy we analyse the patient’s condition as a whole taking into the account the Onset, Cause & Effect of the disease.

For some major ailments, if not complicated, we may not even need allopathic strong drugs or surgical interventions. One of the most common of such diseases is Kidney stones. The pain of a kidney stone is considered by far one of the most dreaded pains. Patients get anxious by such pains and some even opt for a surgery to get rid of it at the earliest. But these stones are nothing but calcium deposits which can very easily be formed in the kidney again. How many times will u get it operated? Or isn’t it better to work on How and Why these stones were formed and correct it so we don’t get this problem later on.

We prescribe our homoeopathic medicines based on the close study of the history of patient and based on the reasons which led to the formation of stones. Following the treatment, if the proper diet managements are also advised and limited use of Calcium rich diet is given and intake of plenty of water, the recovery is even faster.

Article Topic: Introduction to Homeopathy
Article Compiled By: Dr. Shantanu Choudhry
                                       B.H.M.S, NHMC (DU)

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