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Date :  15-Nov-2010

Dr. Ajay Jain
MBBS, MS (PGI, Chandigarh), DNB Otolaryngologist and Head & Neck Surgeon
ENT ( Ear, Nose & Throat)


What Causes a Nosebleed?

The linings of the nose are rich in blood vessels. Nose bleeds occur whenever there is a disruption in the linings of the blood vessels causing the small blood vessels to burst and cause nasal bleeding. Nose bleeds can be due to simple causes like drying and crusting of the nose or due to high blood pressure, frequent nose-picking, injury to nose and sometimes, due to tumors in the nose.

What Are My Treatment Options?

If you are suffering from a nose bleed, immediately place ice cubes on the nose and pinch your nostrils tightly for 6- 8 minutes. This can stop bleeding. Sit upright in a situation with nose bleed to prevent swallowing of blood and blood entering your air passages.

If the nosebleeds persist, reach the hospital immediately. Your checkā€“up will reveal whether the bleeding is due to injury to the nose or due to high blood pressure causing bursting of the blood vessels in the nose. You may be given pressure dressings in the nose to stop the bleeding and medications.

Persistent bleeders require endoscopic examination of the nose for identifying the cause of the bleeding.
Using an endoscope, a thin 4 mm device with a camera for seeing inside the nose, your ENT surgeon will identify the source of bleeding and do cauterization (sealing) of the blood vessel that is causing the trouble.

Can I prevent re-bleeding?

Avoid blowing the nose vigorously. Take your medications properly. Have a regular check on your blood pressure if you are detected with high blood pressure. Never pick your nose with your finger or any other object. Keep your nose moist using Vaseline or any other ointment as prescribed by your doctor.

Posted by - Dr. Ajay Jain
Dr. Parul Gupta MDS, Orthodontist, Specialist in BRACES at Gupta Braces & Dental Clinic 9910 257 800


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